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Graphic Desgin

A picture worth a thousand hits

Our artists draw inspiration from your story, feel it in their bones and gently breathe it out on to canvas. Rest assured; the craft does the rest of the talking.

graphic design

How we do it?Well, by making an intinerary of course

the muse

The muse

Good visual imagery is primarily dependent on the subject. Our team of artists draws inspiration from you and your story.

the concept

The Motif Concept

Developing a consistent and appealing motif requires a thorough research. This is where a lot of website hopping, color palette determining and typography selecting occurs.

the canvas

The Masterpiece Canvas

Once we’ve developed the motif, our artists can get to work on weaving together your ideas into a tapis that is unique to you.

Putting in art & soul

Our graphic design artists stay up to date on the latest trends and movements in the business world. Offering a wide range of skills, our artists are experienced and well-seasoned in their crafts; originating from a variety of backgrounds and ventures. Their powerful creative energy is nurtured constantly through practice and exposure. We recognize artists as gentle souls; cognizant of the deeper elements of this world, a vehemence to retain its beauty. We believe having a positive and supportive environment is essential for our artists. That’s why our team of expedition leaders, scribes, knitters, and artists work together as one unit to produce holistic results. Imagery has enough power to make or break a sale. Our artists understand the need for content that will serve as deal-makers for you, your business, and your client. Your iceberg should be adorned with creative graphics that invite our explorers to settle and not snoop around for other options. Our goal is to ensure that your iceberg is adorned such that explorers are not only drawn to it, but are retained. Creativity comes naturally to us and is never compromised. No matter how intricate you’d like your design to be, we can handle it. Whether your banner was meant to be spread across a river or hung upon the face of a small kiosk, our artists will make it interesting and engaging. Keeping in touch with the trends on social media, our artists know what type of graphics work best with each platform. Whether it’s the hi-resolution and vibrancy expected of Instagram, an eye-catching video on Facebook, or a professional post on LinkedIn, we develop content with the purpose of maximizing viewership and reshares. Our creative team enjoys the fruits of experience brought to us by our senior artists, and the benefits of innovation and new ideas from our junior artists.

What we've made


Design that benefitsThat brands or business

Visual identity

Graphic art & illustration

UI design

Marketing design

Publication design

Our team will help you create a unique identity that will attract clients by presenting who you are and what you are really made of.

We focus on developing visual art that can begin narrating your story for your clients, before them, a task our graphic designers handle with ease.

No matter how it’s tossed and turned around, our UI designers organize data in a way that it clear and easy to understand.

You exist but are you really out there? This is where we roll up our sleeves and start hammering in signs that are not just seen but absorbed by our users.

Whether you’re a writer aspiring to get published, or an entrepreneur in need of some brochure marketing, our dynamic team can put together the designs you need at the level you’re looking for.

Peel the paint

We’re not in the business of sugar coating. If we were, we’d be making candy, not art. We don’t believe in painting a product with colors that mask its essence. One of our core values at Godspeed is to always remain true to the designs and goals of our clients. Rather than altering and redesigning your vision, we work to polish and draw out the vibrancy and depth of its existing colors, so that others may see your dream the way you do. And just as your vision evolved over time, our design team will ensure your product stays relevant, fresh, and up to date, in today’s fast paced and ever changing market.

We have great faith in our creative team, and give them the latitude they need to produce quality products. We understand that punctuality and speed of implementation is the name of the game. But we also know that an artist who is rushed will never produce their best work. Hastily developed visuals will lack the depth and pictorial harmony to remain competitive in today’s cyberscape. Today’s average online explorer is exposed to every level of art imaginable. So they’ll know it when they come across work that is slipshod or mediocre. That’s why we believe it important to be able to produce designs that are unique to your vision, and at the same time appealing to the masses.